Architecture & Interiors

Architectural photography requires specific techniques and equipment to showcase the interior or exterior of a property using light, composition and framing, as well as the consistency of pictures in the same series.

I strive to create compelling photographs with a natural feel, while preserving the realism of the places, areas and subjects photographed.

Careful composition, precise framing, using lighting combining ambient and artificial sources, careful balancing of variations in brightness between interior and exterior, respect for colours and adequate time to shooting and for post-production all lead to attractive photographs with a natural appearance.

I take photographs of interior and exterior architecture, design, decoration, products and objects, residential buildings (apartments, houses and luxury homes), commercial, industrial and office premises, hotels, restaurants and heritage buildings. 

Think of me as your creative partner

As your creative partner, I will bring over 20 years in the advertising, design and photographic industry to your project, ensuring compelling images that will help your project stand above your competition.

Most of the questions I will need in order to provide an accurate quote are provided below. I will get back to you with any questions or an estimate to get the ball rolling.