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RMM building supplies website product photography

We recently completed a project for RMM Building supplies that included a website and website product photography.

We love the kind of projects that use more than just one of our services and the RMM Building supplies project provided a great opportunity to provide website development, photography and graphic design. RMM Building supplies initially approached us for an e-commerce website which needed product photography and we also developed the icons and branding for their different divisions.

There were 2 requirements for the website product photography – the images needed to be square and required a 100% white background, which is not usually possible in one shot.
Even if you shoot a product against a white backdrop, the background will never be 100% white as you need to expose for the product and not the background.

In order to try and get the background 100% white, I raised the products and lit the background separately. In this way I was able to get the backgrounds of most of the products to be 100% white.
This saved a lot of time and money for the client.

Here are a few more examples.

RMM Building Supplies. Photography by Quintin Mills


And here is a little behind the scenes for you. Not the sexiest location in the basement with all the dust that goes along with a building supply and hardware.
Everything had to be cleaned and then before the shot wiped down again :-)

Behind the scenes RMM Building Supplies. Photography by Quintin Mills

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