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The new Canon 90mm 2.8L Tilt-shift lens. Part 2

Once the first WOW wore off, the second one arrived.

The second image I created for Canon’s Click Magazine 78 combined 2 of my loves, Gin and lighting.

This is only the second time I have photographed a reflective and transparent surface like this, the first was a glass containing carrot juice for the Rugani Carrots packaging. It is not easy – everything reflects and everything creates a highlight and this photograph required 5 lights.
I am quite proud of the fact the final shot is only made up of 2 shots. The bottle & background in one and the second being the lemons. And only because the light needed for the lemons caused a highlight in the bottle. It is extremely important to me to get it right in camera.

I have always wanted to photograph the Bombay Sapphire bottle because of that amazing colour and for this shot I used the TS-E 90mm f/2.8L Macro. Instead of the tilt function in the camera image I used the shift capabilities of the tilt-shift lens.
Normally if your camera is positioned higher than the subject in the case of product photography and the camera is angled down to frame it, the verticals will not be straight. The same applies to architectural photography. If you angle the camera to include the top and bottom of a building, the verticals will converge.
By using a tilt-shift lens you can use the tilt function to shift the lens down (or up) and in so doing, recompose the shot to ensure the verticals are straight and the composition is as you want it. Please note that you have to start with you camera and lens level.

I photographed the Bombay Sapphire bottle with 2 backgrounds as well as a camera position change.
I could have spent a few more hours retouching some imperfections in the bottle to make it perfect, but I am very happy with it as it stands.

Have a great day guys!


TS-E90mm f/2.8L MACRO: Higher angle
Canon Tilt shift lens shoot - Bombay Sapphire

Canon Tilt shift lens shoot - Bombay Sapphire

TS-E90mm f/2.8L MACRO: Lower angle
Canon Tilt shift lens shoot - Bombay Sapphire

Canon Tilt shift lens shoot - Bombay Sapphire


Thank you Canon South Africa for the opportunity and your continued support. You guys rock!

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