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How to shoot company executives and still get paid

A lot of companies have their executives spread across the country or even the world and getting them together for board meetings is a perfect time to shoot company executives.

Portraits before, during breaks or after a board meeting is sometimes the only way to shoot all the board members at the same time.

It requires the tried and tested “Hurry up and wait” method. Some executives arrive early and we can shoot them prior to the meeting, those arriving late we do our best to shoot during the breaks in the meeting.

Corporate Portrait Photography. Quintin Mills

Every now and then the entire board is late, there are no breaks and when the meeting concludes, everyone has to rush off and you finish shooting the entire board in just under 10 minutes…

To shoot company executives and still get paid you need to be on top of your game and your equipment needs to be ready to go at a moments notice because they don’t have time for a chat, its 5 shots (sometimes less) and they start walking.



K2 Medical portrait photography by Quintin Mills


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