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NLA Corporate portrait photography

We had the team in the studio the other day for the NLA Corporate portrait photography session.

NLA are undergoing a corporate identity makeover and as part of that they needed new corporate portrait photography done.
We had them in the Kyalami studio against a warm grey backdrop and a 100% white backdrop to give them a couple of options.

It’s uncomfortable looking at a photo of someone who is uncomfortable. Perhaps it’s empathy, or a little compassion as let’s face it, who enjoys having their photo taken. One of the most important ingredients in a successful corporate portrait is looking relaxed. The good news is, this is the my job, not yours.
In the case of the NLA Corporate portraits i think it was a huge success. And the classic white short with jeans works every time.

What a great bunch of guys, they are welcome back anytime :-)

NLA Corporate Portraits by Quintin Mills

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