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A self portrait and why every photographer should do one.

Oh the pain of being on the wrong side of the camera, but it does provide valuable insight…

Is it a self portrait if you set it up and someone else presses the shutter?

Anyway – the last time I had a profile picture taken was many years ago and incidentally, it was also taken by Lindsay. My beautiful, amazing, very sexy, cool and extremely patient wife.

I sat on the stool and wished I was anywhere else. And that, dear photographer, is more than likely the case when you have someone in your studio.

They are there because they have to be.

And, EVERYONE hates their picture being taken or is not photogenic or any one of a dozen other things people say when the come to have their portrait taken. As a photographer you need to develop a way to engage with the person and get them to relax and have a little fun.

My solution is Speed dating.

You have 2 minutes to convince this person you are awesome and for them to trust you completely. And go!
In all honesty, every shoot and every client is different, but it’s all about your personality and how you deal with people you have just met. You need to have everything set up and ready to go as soon as they walk and then keep it light-hearted and easy-going. No pregnant pauses because then they panic.
Imagine deer in the headlights, nervous clients are the same.

I find that if you are constantly chatting to them they forget their nerves and start to relax and enjoy the process.

Obviously food, interiors and products are different – but I still find myself talking as if someone is there, even if I am on my own :-)

So here are 3 of the photographs – I am not sure which prefer. Three very different expressions.


Photographer self-portraits

Photographer self-portraits

Photographer self-portraits

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