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WITS Health COO corporate portrait photography

Many of my corporate portrait photography locations I don’t see until I arrive on the day…

I always recommend a site visit before the day of the shoot wether for corporate portrait photography, a restaurant shoot or any shoot that relies on the location / time of day for the shoot.
For example, a photograph of a shopfront when it is completely in shadow will never work – that has to be photographed at a different time of day.

As I said, I always recommend, but I often arrive with the location sight unseen.

For the corporate portrait photography of Mr Sagie Pillay, the shot was going to be on the roof to tie in with the other images already photographed for WITS Health. The big difference was that this was a different building and at a later time slot than I would have liked.

Fortunately, I managed to position him in the shade from the lift & stairs access to the roof which helped with a lot of the contrast issues.

I have photographed so many portraits, so it is much easier to overcome these types of problems than when I started out shooting corporate portrait photography.

I had to clean up quite a lot of the wall in post-production, but I think it was well worth it. Really like this shot.

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