Hotel & Lodge photography services

Hotel and Lodge photography is a real favourite, combining Interiors, lifestyle and food photography.

For Hotel and Lodge Owners
In most cases the first impression your potential guests have are the images they see in print media or online. Your booking could be won or lost on the quality of the photography of your hotel or lodge.

Exterior and exterior photography
Your clients will want to get a feel of the property and imagine how it would make them feel. The initial arrival, the views, the detail of the furnishings – the photography of these elements is key to building the story around your hotel, lodge or guest house.

Food and Beverage Photography
Another extremely important element of the story are the food and beverage images. As well as relaxing in a warm and inviting environment, the guest will expect to enjoy the meals you provide. Photographing the food you prepare looking it’s best will be the cherry on top. As well as the dishes, I capture the details of what you prepare and serve to show your attention to detail.

How much time do you need to photography my hotel, lodge or guest house?

The duration is based on your requirements and the size of the property – the shoot can take anything from a single day to multiple days. Some key photographs can only be photographed early or late in the day, so to some degree the weather may play a part, but generally a single full day for most properties will be enough.

What are the costs of a hotel, lodge or guest house shoot?

The costs will differ depending on the size, location and requirements of the shoot. Please contact us with your requirements so we can provide you with a quote.

What is the best time to shoot my property?

It is generally accepted that the “Golden Hour” between twilight/sunset and sunset/twilight where the colors and tones of an image are greatly complimented by the softer lighting in the sky. This is often the best time to shoot exterior shots especially if you want the mix of twilight colours of the landscape and the lights from the interior of the lodge.
Interior spaces and food can be photographed at any time during the day.

Are you able to travel to my Hotel, lodge or guest house?

Absolutely, we love to travel! Travel costs from Johannesburg will be provided in the quote.

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