Educate, motivate & inspire.

The Hunters of Light initiative was born out of the COIVD-19 lockdown. The moment the Lockdown was announced, 95% of the photographers I know lost their jobs. Weddings, portraits, food, newborn – all photography was immediately cancelled.

I thought that there must be hundreds, if not thousands of photographers who were also feeling the emotional as well as the financial strain of the situation, so I started a photography group where I could ask amazing photographers to do live presentations of their work, their process and provide hints and tips to other photographers.

I hoped this would help to inspire, motivate and spark ideas so that we could emerge not only surviving, but with renewed passion and fire in our hearts.

This would help to inspire, motivate and spark ideas so that we can come out of this not only surviving but with renewed passion and fire in our hearts.

One year later…

At midnight on the 26th of March 2020 I started a Facebook group – 365 days later we had 3 260 members, 14 554 posts and 306 341 reactions on the Facebook Group, 80 hours of content on the YouTube Channel as well as a website with articles, tutorials, discussion forums and monthly competitions with prizes sponsored by Canon South Africa

What’s next…

Lockdown mean’t I had time, and I spent well over 2500 on the Hunters of Light to build it to where it is today.

Fortunately my workload is increasing again, but that means I cannot spend 8 hours a day sourcing speakers, creating content etc. 

In an ideal world i’d like to hire someone who lost their job due to the lockdown to run the majority of the admin tasks. That would allow the initiative to keep going at full speed while I service my clients. To do this, I need more brands to come on board and provide content, sponsored presentations, etc.

Canon South Africa has been incredible providing prizes, adding content, doing product launches and reviews – but to hire someone I would need more Brands on board or a corporate sponsor if I want to hire someone to run the admin.

Besides, the more brands, the more content for the members and exposure for the brands.

Regardless, I will keep pouring my energy into the Hunters of Light because it has helped me grow and it has also helped many, many photographers through what has been an incredibly trying period.

I would like to give a huge thank you to Roger Machin and Canon South Africa and everyone else who has supported me in this initiative. Let’s check back on the 26th of March 2022.

Hunters of light
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