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Lockdown 21 Photography Sessions: Inspiration for photographers during COVID19

Like most photographers, the lockdown period of 21 days due to the COViD 19 pandemic has decimated my schedule for the foreseeable future. There is a lot of concern, anxiety and uncertainty for what the future holds and how I will support my family. How can I provide Inspiration for photographers during COVID19?

I know I need to stay busy to keep my mind off things, and I thought that there must be hundreds, if not thousands of photographers who might be feeling the emotional as well as financial strain right now.

Lockdown 21 Photography Sessions

I had an idea to start a photography group where I could ask amazing photographers to do live presentations of their work, their process and provide hints and tips to other photographers. This would help to inspire, motivate and spark ideas so that we can come out of this not only surviving but with renewed passion and fire in our hearts.

Personally, it has given me that and more.

The Lockdown 21 photography sessions are a combination of amazing photographers presenting their work, skills workshops, Q&A’s, interviews, etc. I’d like to offer my skills as well as bring together other talented people to see how we can improve our photography and be inspired.

So how does it work:

Every weekday we will have 2 live-streamed sessions where an amazing photographer will present their work and offer hints and tips for their particular genre.
All you need to do is have the lockdown 21 photography group open and you can join us.

To date, we have had 14 presenters both locally and internationally – on Thursday at 2pm we have an incredible speaker from Rhode Island in the US, and a Canon Explorer of light (The rockstar of rockstars), One van Der Wal talking about his work.

I would love to have you join us and we can all come out of this richer for the experience and hopefully forming lifelong friendships which we can count on in the future.

Here is a link to the group to find out more.

Much love and stay safe.

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