1953 Jaguar C-Type tribute car

1953 Jaguar C-Type

This beautiful Jaguar C-Type Tribute Car was build by Harry and his team from the ground up at English Wheel Fabrication in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The chassis was provided by the client and everything else was built by hand. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is apparent right down to the louvers, which were made with a handmade Louvre press. It is such a beautiful car and incredible to believe that these shapes were once flat sheet metal.

English Wheel Fabrication was only commissioned to do the build, the car will be handed back to the client to be completed.
I do hope it stays in Johannesburg, I’d LOVE to shoot the finished product.

A bit of history on the 1953 Jaguar C-Type

The Jaguar C-Type was a racing sports car built from 1951-1953 where the “C” stands for “competition” and boy did Jaguar live up to that! The C-Type was a super successful winning race car, most notably at the Le Mans 24 hours race, which it won twice.

The car used the XK 120 running gear of the contemporary road proven XK120 in a lightweight tubular frame designed by Jaguar Chief Engineer William Heynes. The aerodynamic aluminium body was jointly developed by William Heynes, Bob Knight and later Malcolm Sayer.

A total of 53 C-Types were built where most got sold to private collectors mainly in the USA.


1953 Jaguar C-Type


My Gear for the shoot:
Canon EOS R5, Canon EF 24-70II, Manfrotto 055 tripod, Manfrotto 410 Geared Head and an Godox LC500R RGB LED Light Stick. And let’s not forget the Canon Camera Connect app.





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