Cargo 88 hotel Lusaka, Zambia

Cargo 88 Hotel in Lusaka

Where Innovation meets Creativity. Immerse yourself in a unique experience at Cargo88, a hotel crafted from repurposed shipping containers. Nestled in an urban oasis, our cutting-edge hotel offers contemporary design, exceptional comfort, and a commitment to innovation.

English Wheel Fabrication

Why storytelling works for Brands.

I want to make these stories for Brands, for small businesses, individuals as well as NGO’s to provoke thought, build real connections, shift behaviour and drive change. I know why storytelling works for brands, and have found some scientific reasoning to back it up.

#1 Portraits | 2023 New year, new you!

#1 Portraits | 2023 New year, new you and how you can dominate.

“2023 New year, new you!” Now if that is not a damn positive affirmation then I don’t know what is.

2022 was a better year than the last and 2023 is going to build on that, but you need to capitalise on your strengths to make it happen for you, your brand and your business.

1953 Jaguar C-Type

1953 Jaguar C-Type tribute car

This beautiful Jaguar C-Type Tribute Car was build by Harry and his team from the ground up at English Wheel Fabrication in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Corporate portraits and business headshots

Five reasons to choose dark background corporate headshots.

I love shooting headshots on a dark background because of the drama, strength and impact they provide. There is also the way that colour pops when it is set off against a dark background.
Here are Five reasons to choose dark background corporate headshots.

What story is your brand telling?

What story is your brand telling?

Great leadership, a compelling offering & great service are important to stand out from competitors. But what your brand really needs is a story. What story is your brand telling?

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