So who is Quintin Mills…

I have lived and breathed creativity for more than 20 years working in the advertising and web design industry. Back then I used to direct photographers thinking they had such a cool job never considering that I might one day be a photographer as well.

1999 was the year I started a boutique design studio called Black Rooster Studios with my design partner and amazing wife Lindsay (Who I love and adore :-)). We aim to produce amazing work for our clients – from logo design, annual reports and marketing to the full range of photography you see on my website.

The photography business started out of a desire to keep as much of the skills (and revenue) in-house. So I bought a camera and today I find myself in some pretty cool locations meeting the most amazing people.
Sometimes in the most amazing locations meeting the coolest people.
Everyone has a story and even if i don’t photograph their story, I get to chat to them when shooting their food, interiors or products.

I love variety, it keeps me fired up and inspired. Interiors, portraits, landscapes, newborn babies, food, architecture…

I operate from my studio in Kyalami, which I hope to expand to accommodate the type of shoots I love doing.
I shoot throughout South Africa and beyond our borders when the project requires it. To date I’ve been commissioned to shoot in Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia.

I am 100% vaccinated and ready to go :-)

We have partnered with an amazing company who goes the extra mile to provide the best graphic and web design services for our needs and those of our clients. (Black Rooster Studios) – these are our go to guys!
Black Rooster Studios
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