Cargo 88 Hotel in Lusaka

Cargo 88 hotel Lusaka, Zambia

Unwind in Style with Cargo88 Hotel, Lusaka, Zambia.

Where Innovation meets Creativity. Immerse yourself in a unique experience at Cargo88, a hotel crafted from repurposed shipping containers. Nestled in an urban oasis, our cutting-edge hotel offers contemporary design, exceptional comfort, and a commitment to innovation. Explore a range of stylish rooms, from cozy standard accommodations to opulent penthouse suites. Embrace the future of hospitality at Cargo88.


That is the brochure copy, but nothing prepares you for the first impression you get walking into the hotel lobby.

Of course, I had an idea of what to expect because I had seen the set of images the client was not happy with from another photographer and that I needed to re-shoot, but seeing the hotel in person was quite an experience.

With about 13 accommodation options, restaurant, conference centre, bar and a spa, there was a lot to do in the time I spent there. The project also involved shooting some video and creating a short film showcasing the feel of the property.

From a photography and filming point of view, this was a challenging location. In essence each room is a black box with a window at the end with no sheer curtains to help reduce the contrast. Blending multiple exposures was the only way to get any dynamic range and try to balance the contrast.

When it came to filming I didn’t have the same luxury. I wanted to shoot a higher frame rate, so I could have beautifully cinematic feel to the movement, and the problem with that is the amount of available light. Also, I couldn’t do multiple exposures like I could with the stills.
Remember, I said it was basically a black box…

I am happy with the results and more importantly, so is the client.

For a hotel that has only been open a few weeks, the place looks fantastic and the team are absolute rockstars.

If you need accommodation in Lusaka for whatever reason I would highly recommend the Cargo88 Hotel in Lusaka, Zambia.



Cargo 88 hotel Lusaka, Zambia
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