Pangolin Chobe Hotel promotional video

Watch the Pangolin Chobe Hotel promotional video on Youtube.

I was really lucky to spend a day in The Chobe National Park with Pangolin Photo Safaris and the Pangolin Chobe Hotel, there is simply no better way to experience the wildlife in Chobe than by boat.

The back story for this video is pretty cool, I sent an email to my friend Roger about some of the projects I am shooting this year as part of a strong push to shoot loads of portfolio pieces which will hopefully lead to commercial work shot in the same way.

I am really keen to tell the story of peoples businesses as well as their personal stories. I had been with Pangolin Photo Safaris previously and was blown away by the team they have and I knew there were so many stories to tell. I discussed contacting Toby and Guts, the co-owners, about filming those stories and seeing what happens behind the scenes of a Photographic Safari Hotel and what makes them tick.

Anyway, a few hours later he called me and said, “Do you want to go to Chobe next week?”. As luck would have it, Pangolin needed something brought up to Chobe and none of the people Pangolin would normally use were unavailable. Talk about putting it out there…

The next day I had a Zoom call with Toby, we discussed what would work for them and my flights were booked. The final product took a slightly different direction, but I am ecstatic with how it portrays the guest experience and the back of house work that goes into providing the guests a premium experience.

I would still love to go back and shoot the personal stories of some of the team. When you spend 5 days with people they eventually let their guard down and you find out what really makes them tick, and there are some amazing stories there.

Right, on to the next project 🙂


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