What story is your brand telling?

What story is your brand telling?

I’d like to start off by wishing you an absolutely exceptional 2022, may the goals you have set for yourself materialise, and your hopes and dreams become a reality for you and your loved ones.

It is the start of a new year and we are filled with positivity for what it holds for ourselves and our clients.

You may not be aware, but we have added video services to the photography business.
That means we can provide businesses of all sizes with everything from corporate videos to short videos showcasing a particular product or service as well as social media content.

Happy January, happy 2022, go out there and attack the world like a person possessed and be the rockstar you were meant to be!


What story is your brand telling?

Still not sure why video marketing matters?

This popular tactic has a ton of benefits, from increasing traffic to growing revenue. Companies need many things to thrive: visionary leadership, a compelling offering, exceptional service, and much more.
But in today’s noisy marketing landscape, what your brand really needs is a story.

Stories make for better marketing because they elicit emotion. They can influence who we trust, play on our nostalgia, and help us make sense of complex information. A really great story can communicate the entire character of a brand in less than three minutes, and clever stories can help you become especially persuasive.


What story is your brand telling?

Why Use Video Marketing?

Video is critical to your content strategy because it’s snack-sized, memorable, and measurable. These aren’t just the components that make it perfect for your audience who crave short, engaging pieces, but they’re also the features that make video every marketer’s dream format.
Because it’s especially visual, you can use video to teach complex concepts (what is content for if not to make things clearer for your audience?), to share stories about your customers, and to inspire marketing-specific actions (things like demos, trials, subscriptions, and more).


What story is your brand telling?

1. Video Increase Brand Awareness.

For a small business, the growth of the customer base holds a great importance. How to increase the customer base? Letting people know what you do and who you are in a unique way can help to increase the customer base.


What story is your brand telling?

2. Google Likes Video.

Are you optimising the videos for the search engines? It is a great way to direct the organic traffic to your website. When there are descriptions and links in your videos, it can rope in traffic to your website after the complete watching of the video.


What story is your brand telling?

3. Video Brings Social Shares.

The idea of promotions has changed with the social media and networks taking over. Sharing of videos have become a trend and research shows that more than 92% of the mobile users using videos, share it with other people.
You can boost your company’s feature and achievements, products and services, customer satisfaction data, and more in a fun way and describe your company through your eyes to your potential customers.


What story is your brand telling?

4. Video Has High Conversion Rate.

YouTube is a great platform to learn about a product or service. It helps in making decisions prior to buying the products with product review videos as it offers honest reviews that help the customers in coming to a decision.


What story is your brand telling?

5. Customers Love Watching Video.

The benefits of video marketing also lie in customer watching more videos. About 92% of your target customers watch online videos and surveys reveal that 4 billion YouTube videos are watched each day by the customers.
Around 1/3rd of the buyers watch the product ad video before purchasing products.


What story is your brand telling? How can I help you tell the story of your product or service?

Click here or email q@quintinmills.co.za to let me know and I will be in touch with how we can help you stand out from your competition.

Quintin is a highly experienced Photographer and Creative Director with a 30 year history of working in the Advertising & Photography industry. With skills in Commercial PhotographyPortraits and Corporate HeadshotsInteriors and Architecture PhotographyFood and Beverage photography and Video Production, he brings a huge amount of value to your project.

With a list of Advertising Industry Awards and an even longer list of assignments in Johannesburg, across South Africa and Southern Africa, Quintin Mills has gathered valuable experience which he brings to his photographic services. When you work with Quintin you know he is going to deliver to the best of his abilities and provide top class imagery for your brand.

Quintin works as a Johannesburg Photographer and Videographer, but also works in Pretoria, Sandton as well as the rest of South Africa and Southern Africa.

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